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roadies for the summer's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
roadies for the summer

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virtualguidebooks.com [02 Apr 2006|08:32pm]

What an incredible website.... I love these. They're 360-degree photos. I have posted just a few examples here, but there are HUNDREDS MORE.


Carrizo Badlands (one of my favorite desert viewpoints)

Henderson Canyon Rd. in Borrego Springs

View of the Salton Sea (West Shore)

Campsite near the Salton Sea

Cholla grove at Joshua Tree National Park

Barstow, CA

"Downtown" Baker (Bun Boy, Giant Thermometer, and Mad Greek)

Sunset at Kelbaker Road (between Kelso and Baker)

What Zzyzx Road actually looks like

California Poppy Reserve in the Antelope Valley.
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[05 Aug 2005|06:37pm]

Anybody know a fun or interesting place to stop and eat on Highway 101 North between Woodland Hills (Los Angeles) and Santa Maria?
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Big Bear Mountains, California [16 Jan 2005|01:08pm]

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i need a ride [14 Jul 2004|11:23pm]

July 27th to August 4th

calling all sound systems, crews, circuses, bands, performers, musicians, dj's and creators

Autonomous Mutant Festival is an annual free non-commercial gathering which takes place in the lovely forests of the Pacific Northwest. the festival is an open invitation to all sound systems, dj's, musicians, and performers .... the more the merrier!!! there's no central organization of happenings within the AMF ... sound systems that want to set up in a choice spot should arrive as early as possible. dj's and bands should check the AMF webpage to find contacts for sound systems that are open to collaborations. the location of Mutant Fest will be announced sometime in mid-July (it's usually in Oregon, but call 1.800.HUM.NUMB aka: 1.800.486.6862 in mid-July for the exact location and directions)
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Travelogue: Nashville, Tn - Harrisburg, Pa [17 Jun 2004|09:04am]

(June 11-13, 2004)

Not a massive trip by any means---1500 miles round-trip, which is definitely shorter than my trip to Connecticut last year. Also, as far as traveling goes (and I'm an interstate traveler, I waste no time with offroads), you're basically on the same road for the entire journey.

  • Nashville
  • I-40 E to Knoxville
  • Merged onto I-81 N (towards Bristol, then Roanoke, then Harrisonburg, etc.)
  • Merged onto I-83
  • Oh! Hotel!

    Hard to imagine that covered 730 miles. Mainly, it was I-81, which apparently goes on and on (I took the exact same journey on my Connecticut trip last year), so I definitely appreciate that.

    Starting in Nashville, the ground is mostly flat--and of course once you get to the eastern part of the state, you start seeing the warning signs for tunnels (!!!) and down-grades in terms of how steep the mountain is. This probably won't affect seasoned drivers, and definitely not the locals who speed around the corners then amazingly forget about the Cop cars lurking around the corner. The last time I tripped up this interstate, I hated my time in Virginia. I-81 N basically goes parallel with the border of Kentucky, so you're going into and out of Virginia at a very odd angle, which makes for a lengthy trip. This time, I enjoyed it. I set myself mini-goals like no bathroom/gas breaks until Roanoke, until Winchester, etc. And you really just don't want to stop on your brief visits into West Virginia and Maryland. Once in Pennsylvania, I was home free. Thank you, Hampton Inn.

    I'm not exactly how big the town of Harrisburg is. It's looks a decent size until you get there and then I think I was too far on the East to catch much. I ventured out of my hotel and wound up in a sketchy neighborhood. The streets get smaller, cars line both directions (not in traffic, but in parking)--the houses are about three-stories tall and smashed up against one another. It was beautiful in a kind of I've-seen-this-in-History-books sort of way, but the further on down the street I got the less inhabited it became and the more graffiti lined what was probably a really awesome place (back in some day).

    What Harrisburg is close to is...Hershey, Pa! Home of chocolate! I didn't really venture into the theme park (I was there for a concert at Hershey stadium), but Chocolate World was pretty cool. Very cliche chocolate. Went on a small tour (10-minutes or so) about how chocolate goes from the cacoa or cocoa bean into the chocolate bars and kisses we see today. Pretty interesting. Got a free S'more bar after that (by the way, the whole tour is free). There were many stores downstairs carrying every kind of chocolate you can imagine in a million different sizes; also regular food for us regular people with stomachs. Also, Hershey stadium was okay. Be careful for any concert-goers, the stage is about 10 feet high.

    On my way back to Nashville, I mistook I-83 for I-81 and ended up in Baltimore, Maryland. Not a huge detour, but I was definitely thankful to have my updated 2004 Atlas! It took some time, but I navigated myself back over to I-81 as opposed to driving to Washington DC and then hitting I-71 (or 77, something like that). This time, the drive was long--it always is when you really just want to be at home. I was also sick which can speak for the type of driving you like to do. This trip, I traveled alone--I do these every now and then to clear my head. Being sick, I had to pull-over at weird gas stations and sneak naps which added to my time. Nonetheless, the road was the same, the whole way. Usual traffic in Knoxville.

    Oh, on my detour--there are just some beautiful places to be seen between Baltimore and Charles Town, West Virginia. Gorgeous. Entering West-Virginia from that angle makes you feel like you're just driving through a forest and maybe you should pull over and camp. It was very surreal.

    Overall good trip; could've had better weather (rain both ways; though it was sunny on the day of the concert, so I probably shouldn't ask for more) :)
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    An Alabama Trip [18 Apr 2004|07:12pm]

    Nashville, Tn - Oxford, Al: April 17, 18

  • The trip took two and a half hours (more or less) from start to finish. I usually play this one safe and take I-65S from Nashville--straight into Birmingham, then jump on I-20E towards Atlanta. This time, I took I-24E towards Chattanooga, merged onto I-59S and then took a few very tiny backroads directly into the city
  • It was absolutely beautiful. About eighty degrees in all three states: Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama
  • There was some construction going on near Chattanooga but besides a few areas of lowered speeding limits (and 'speeding fines doubled' signs) it wasn't too much of a hassle
  • I had never driven over the Appalachian's before. Now, I can do weekend trips to see Rock City and Ruby Falls, both of which are advertised a great deal with the Interstate travel.
  • The Tennessee River/Nickajack Lake was so beautiful. It's been years since I've been through the mountains---going up and down the hills (warning signs for grade drop), and then seeing that gorgeous lake and all the fisherman soaking up the sun
  • On the way back, I noticed a sign near the Alabama/Georgia border (of which I remember vaguely from an Atlanta to Birmingham trip) for the Alabama Museum and Fan Club Headquarters--it's actually in Fort Payne, Al. and is for the country group Alabama. (Side note: they also have a self-titled bar/grill at Opry Mills in Nashville.
  • In Rainbow City, Al--there was a big tanning salon place with a sign that said "Get real! Get naked! Get tanned!" or something to that effect.
  • In the same city, one of those small road places, I almost hit a dog who was meandering in the streets. I didn't, he was okay.
  • I missed Parton St. --not twenty minutes from my destination because even though it was listed on my Mapquest directions, it was a rinky-dink backroad. Very odd. I was only on it for half a mile.
  • I'm impressed by the number of roads named Sulphur Springs. Why is that so common?
  • Got gas and food in Monteagle, Tn--it's right off the interstate out of Chattanooga and quite near Manchester, Tn where Bonnaroo 2004 will take place.
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    Road Trips 2004 [06 Apr 2004|01:49pm]

    All right, it's that time of year where most people start to have time to trip more. I'd like to expand the original thought of 'road' trips to include any and all trips, as long as it's in the same spirit. Post pictures, reviews, bullet-lists, whatever you'd like.

    On with the road trips!
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    heads up [02 Apr 2004|08:35pm]

    27 yo female (me) and 25 yr old male heading south and west from new jersey to new orleans and phoenix sometime in the next three days. we have room for a hitch if youre down for conversation...

    we need floorspace in texas. i promise we are respectful and un-boring. cheers.
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    Brian's road trip [09 Jan 2004|01:52pm]

    [ mood | accomplished ]

    On the day after Christmas, 2003, I took my first-ever solitary road trip. Intent on burning a full tank of gas and then refilling and heading back home, I only made it halfway before deciding to turn back. I hadn't left the city in five yrs so it was an accomplishment on all fronts. Had sleep not consumed me, I'm sure I would've gone the distance but oh well. I was satisfied with the results.

    Road Trip 12.26.2003

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    Top Ten Road Trips [11 Nov 2003|12:54am]

    [ mood | calm ]

    I wrote this back in February but nothing's changed.... here are my ten all-time favorite road trips, complete with tourist advice. :)


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    New Community!!! [29 Oct 2003|09:41pm]

    Just created!! Come stake your claim early!!

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    Hi [06 Jul 2003|11:16pm]

    Hi there --

    I just joined this community about half an hour or so ago because it seems interesting. I myself am not a "traveler" much except in the Southern California area. In fact, I've never been east of Las Vegas, Nevada. I did visit the Philippines twice in my life (which included stops in Hawaii and Japan, both of which have nice airports), but that's about it. Oh, and apparently when I was two, my family and I visited the Grand Canyon. Obviously, I'd like to see more :)

    As you can see from my SN, I'm a huge Jack Kerouac fan. After I read On the Road when I was thirteen, I've always wanted to travel but there have always been things preventing me from doing it. I really would like to travel to Las Vegas this summer; that would make my summer. And like Jack, I'm deadset on becoming a writer and traveling across America (doing the opposite of Jack and traveling east in search of America's history, not the new frontier of the west as Jack et al had) and one day the world.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. Bye.

    + Brian from San Diego +
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    [01 Jun 2003|12:02pm]

    [ mood | calm ]

    i have been roadtripping all year so far... it was sort of a new years resolution... to get out and explore.

    and throughout my travels so far - i have decided that i am moving to san diego.

    hopefully by august i will be there...

    does anyone have any advice on how to make money fast?

    i have traveled all year with selling things that i have made and things like that ... but this time i am a little stuck financially.

    anyway - i love road trips... and thought i would join here...
    so HI everyone!

    and safe travels to all.


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    [29 Apr 2003|08:12pm]

    So maybe it won't happen. Everything that was this trip was planned before we started going to war, before gas prices went up ($2/gal in CA) and before jobs were taken.

    Still sitting on the Florida trip. Might have to get a hotel though I'll settle for something cheap and bring a sleeping bag. That might be the only thing we need. And food. Much less cost with this one. Maybe we can bring bicycles?
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    California Dreaming... [16 Feb 2003|10:12am]

    all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
    i've been for a walk on a winters day
    I'd be save and warm if I was in LA
    california dreaming on such a winters day

    stepped into a church I passed along the way
    well, I got down on my knees
    & I pretend to pray
    you know the preacher likes the cold
    he knows I'm gonna stay
    california dreaming on such a winters day


    all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
    I've been for a walk on a winters day
    if I didn't tell her I could leave today
    california dreaming on such a winters day
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    [22 Jan 2003|12:44am]

    sometimes i drift off into space and think about the trip.

    i think about sitting in the backseat, with another girl, the windows down and no one can hear anyone else talk. i think about looking out the window at the cities we'll pass and the lights that will flicker on and off, the billboards promising golden waves of beer and candy shops, the trees moving in green blurs, trucks roaring past, hotel signs with the aspect of vacancy, the vast stretch of desert, red sands that'll blind the eyes, and the cool blue ocean that'll taste sweeter than relief.

    then i drift back into reality, here in cold, desolate knoxville.

    this summer will be grand.
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    [10 Jan 2003|08:20pm]

    It might be a bumpy summer, if politics continue. However, I'm job-hunting this weekend and the trip is so far, still on. We still need another girl though.

    The only thing that might be a problem is rising gas prices. Because we've chosen to "see the country," we'll run into varying gas prices, so I'm going to over-estimate when I make the preliminary money needs list soon.

    So, yeah.
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    [30 Dec 2002|12:26pm]

    Okay, this is the deal. We're taking a road trip.

    Beginning in: Clarksville, Tennessee
    Destination: San Diego, California
    Estimated Length (Miles): 2095.34
    Estimated Length (Days): 2 1/2
    Estimated Stay: 1-2 wks (TBA, really)

    People going: Samantha (gypsywings) and Stephanie batwingedfaerie)
    People needed: 2; preferrably girls, 18+ yrs old, able to do a 4-way split for gas, food, etc.

    Also: Any other LJers who could/would spot us a break on the route would be totally appreciated.
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