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Dean Moriarty's pathetic grandnephew


Hi there --

I just joined this community about half an hour or so ago because it seems interesting. I myself am not a "traveler" much except in the Southern California area. In fact, I've never been east of Las Vegas, Nevada. I did visit the Philippines twice in my life (which included stops in Hawaii and Japan, both of which have nice airports), but that's about it. Oh, and apparently when I was two, my family and I visited the Grand Canyon. Obviously, I'd like to see more :)

As you can see from my SN, I'm a huge Jack Kerouac fan. After I read On the Road when I was thirteen, I've always wanted to travel but there have always been things preventing me from doing it. I really would like to travel to Las Vegas this summer; that would make my summer. And like Jack, I'm deadset on becoming a writer and traveling across America (doing the opposite of Jack and traveling east in search of America's history, not the new frontier of the west as Jack et al had) and one day the world.

Anyway, I'm rambling. Bye.

+ Brian from San Diego +
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