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An Alabama Trip

Nashville, Tn - Oxford, Al: April 17, 18

  • The trip took two and a half hours (more or less) from start to finish. I usually play this one safe and take I-65S from Nashville--straight into Birmingham, then jump on I-20E towards Atlanta. This time, I took I-24E towards Chattanooga, merged onto I-59S and then took a few very tiny backroads directly into the city
  • It was absolutely beautiful. About eighty degrees in all three states: Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama
  • There was some construction going on near Chattanooga but besides a few areas of lowered speeding limits (and 'speeding fines doubled' signs) it wasn't too much of a hassle
  • I had never driven over the Appalachian's before. Now, I can do weekend trips to see Rock City and Ruby Falls, both of which are advertised a great deal with the Interstate travel.
  • The Tennessee River/Nickajack Lake was so beautiful. It's been years since I've been through the mountains---going up and down the hills (warning signs for grade drop), and then seeing that gorgeous lake and all the fisherman soaking up the sun
  • On the way back, I noticed a sign near the Alabama/Georgia border (of which I remember vaguely from an Atlanta to Birmingham trip) for the Alabama Museum and Fan Club Headquarters--it's actually in Fort Payne, Al. and is for the country group Alabama. (Side note: they also have a self-titled bar/grill at Opry Mills in Nashville.
  • In Rainbow City, Al--there was a big tanning salon place with a sign that said "Get real! Get naked! Get tanned!" or something to that effect.
  • In the same city, one of those small road places, I almost hit a dog who was meandering in the streets. I didn't, he was okay.
  • I missed Parton St. --not twenty minutes from my destination because even though it was listed on my Mapquest directions, it was a rinky-dink backroad. Very odd. I was only on it for half a mile.
  • I'm impressed by the number of roads named Sulphur Springs. Why is that so common?
  • Got gas and food in Monteagle, Tn--it's right off the interstate out of Chattanooga and quite near Manchester, Tn where Bonnaroo 2004 will take place.
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