i got this wanderlust crutch (qichao) wrote in ontheroadwest,
i got this wanderlust crutch

i need a ride

July 27th to August 4th

calling all sound systems, crews, circuses, bands, performers, musicians, dj's and creators

Autonomous Mutant Festival is an annual free non-commercial gathering which takes place in the lovely forests of the Pacific Northwest. the festival is an open invitation to all sound systems, dj's, musicians, and performers .... the more the merrier!!! there's no central organization of happenings within the AMF ... sound systems that want to set up in a choice spot should arrive as early as possible. dj's and bands should check the AMF webpage to find contacts for sound systems that are open to collaborations. the location of Mutant Fest will be announced sometime in mid-July (it's usually in Oregon, but call 1.800.HUM.NUMB aka: 1.800.486.6862 in mid-July for the exact location and directions)
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